It started in 2007

Jema Autolifte is a family-owned company that in 2007 saw the light of day in Ganloese on Zealand, Denmark. The Petersen family had a mission that it should be possible to acquire a quality CE certified autolift at a reasonable price. At that time, the European brands were strongly overrepresented in the market, and these products were not everyone's property and the few used car lifts for sale were either extremely expensive or widely used.

With that in mind, we spent a long time and a lot of traveling to find serious suppliers who could deliver the desired quality and certification we wanted, which resulted in the website The first product we launched was version 1 of a 4 post car lift JA3200F (today it is called JA3500F), as well as a suitable jacking beam. In the beginning, we did not design our products ourselves, but it quickly became clear to us that we as a company had a lot of ideas and features that could ensure an even better and safer product, both for the national and international market.


The first products came home

The first container arrived in September 2007. When the container arrived with 24 pcs. the vast majority of the products were already sold in advance, and it dawned on us that there was certainly a market for cheaper quality car lifts. In addition to starting to re-design and improve the 4 post car lift, we also ordered new CE certified 2 post car lifts. The 2 post car lifts were to complement the 4 post car lift we already had. As a result, we expanded our product range over the next 2 years from only one autolift model, to be able to offer both 4 post car lifts, 2 post car lifts, scissor lifts, as well as tyre changers and wheel balancers.


A Service Department was needed

The owners Jens Petersen and Kasper Petersen, also started by assembling car lifts in Greater Copenhagen themselves, but had to quickly admit that it was not possible to reach, both to empty containers, sell, pack and send our car lifts, tyre changers and wheel balancers out to customers , and at the same time being out installing the car lifts or the other products we sold at the time. Therefore, it was the start of the opening of our service department. We started with one experienced service fitter, which was a big step at the time.

Today we have 3 experienced and skilled service fitters covering the whole of Denmark.


Needed more space

After about 4½ years where we constantly expanded our product range and staff, in 2012 we grew out of our fine premises in Ganloese. We found new 1500 m2 premises and moved the entire company to Tune near Roskilde, where we still run the company today. The move gave us the opportunity to have even more products in our range, as well as to associate our own engineers with the company.

Jema Autolifte A/S in Ganløse until 2012

Jema Autolifte A/S in Tune


Constant product development

We started at that time re-designing and reinforcing our various 2 post car lifts, and have over time only used European CE certification companies, as it is extremely important to us that our products comply with European standards. Later, we reviewed all our other autolift models within 4 post and scissor lifts, and over time further developed large and small changes, both in terms of safety and the use of the various car lifts.

The development of our large product range is and will always be an "ongoing" task, as we always have new ideas and further developments that can give our customers an even better product experience and everyday life in the workshops.


Sara Ren, Production COO

In 2016, we started a collaboration with 3 different European manufacturers, so our customers both had our Basic line series and now also our Euro line series to choose from when the car workshop needed an upgrade. With that expansion, we also attracted larger auto repair shops and workshop chains looking for quality products at reasonable prices.

At Jema Autolifte, we only expand our range with products that can give our customers a proper final price, and of course a quality we can vouch for. Today, we work with Spanish, Italian and Polish suppliers who can bring just those products into our range. In our Euro line series we have several different 2 post car lifts, 4 post car lifts, scissor lifts, as well as tyre changers and wheel balancers that are characterized by the gray color, where our own designed basic line series is produced in white and blue.

At Jema Autolifte, our primary range is always car lifts, but we are constantly working on developing, designing and adding products to our range so that we can help our customers buy all the things in one place, instead of having to have several different suppliers.

We are often asked which product is our best-selling product. It is almost impossible to say as we sell in so many countries where each country has their very own favorite for the local market. However, the scissor lift JA3000S-E has proven to be the car lift we help most consumers with in the various countries we are represented in, either through our own office or distributor cooperation. The service scissor lift JA3000S-E is used by both large workshop chains and the private user. The scissor lift is mobile, versatile, reliable and extremely user-friendly, which is probably why it is so popular all over the world.


We open a sales office in Sweden

Over the years, Jema Autolifte has produced and delivered more than 15,000 car lifts to everything from Columbia, Guatemala and Hong Kong, to Greenland, Iceland, and Finland in the north. Today, we ship products daily to our various partners in many different countries. In 2021, we opened our sales office in Gothenburg, Sweden with a dedicated Swedish sales employee. It has been a huge success, and we view our development in Sweden very positively.


Further education provides our customers with benefits

We currently have 10 employees and expect in the coming time to expand our staff in both sales and service, both in Denmark and abroad, so that we can always provide the best possible service. By being represented locally, we believe we can provide the best possible service to the local markets and its customers. As with our service fitters, we also constantly train our employees so that they have a thorough knowledge that we believe is needed to help customers in the best possible way.


Stay up to date

You can stay up-to-date on Jema Autolifte's development, our fantastic offers and the industry in general, by signing up for our newsletter. Then we make sure that you are updated when we launch new products and further develop our fantastic product range.

Welcome to Jema Autolifte A/S

Kasper Petersen

By Kasper Bredsgaard Petersen


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