Euro line - European produced full rise double scissor lift!
  • Lifting capacity 3.5T
  • Minimum height only 11cm
  • Lifting height up to 193cm
  • For quality-conscious professional workshop

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European quality full rise scissor lift!

The scissor lift JA6500S-E is a European quality full rise scissor lift for mounting on the floor.

This scissor lift is a model we have sold to main dealer flagships for many years.

Low profile with full lifting height

The JA6500S-E Euro line scissor lift is a floor-mounted scissor lift, this lift is of very high quality and one of the best products in its class, it is produced in Europe and is the perfect solution for the professional workshop

The lift requires no air supply as the hydraulic system is fully automatic which is controlled from the control box. 

The scissor lift easily glides up to a maximum height of 193cm, this is a great feature for the taller technicians.

The profile of the scissor lift is only 11 cm high when fully lowered, which means that it is perfect for lower vehicles.

JA6500S-E is for the workshop that wants a lift that can withstand everyday challenges and that brings a very aesthetically pleasing piece of equipment into the work shop.

The scissor lift is CE approved as your safety is paramount us.

Technical specifications

  • Electric connection: 380V
  • Motor power: 2.2KW
  • Rise time: 45sek
  • Lowering time: 40sek
  • Max. lifting height: 1930mm
  • Total width: 2040mm
  • Mini. height: 110mm
  • Length: 1534 - 2067mm
  • Safety valve
  • CE approved
  • Colour: Grey
  • Max. lifting capacity: 3500kg
  • Total weight: 700kg

CE Certifictions