Quality assurance


All Jema Autolifte's partners and employees, such as engineers, production managers and welders, are well trained and competent to carry out the production of our Jema Autolifte products.

Jema Autolifte has its own development department, this is where all ideas start and our skilled technicians and engineers turn ideas into reality. From idea to finished product is a long process where all requirements from EU regulations, consumers and the Jema Autolifte quality program will go through each process to ensure high quality.


Jema Autolifte suppliers

For a number of years, Jema Autolifte has worked to find the best and most quality proven suppliers of components and products. At the same time, Jema Autolifte has developed a supplier system that ensures that we always do our utmost to eliminate any errors or problems that may occur when using subcontractors in European and on Asian markets.



All components and products are certified according to European standards and have been tested before purchase from various suppliers and manufacturers. Jema Autolifte only offers European CE certified products!


Quality control

Jema Autolifte sees it as our most important task to ensure our distributors and consumers get the perfect product, and therefore all Autolifts are 100% assembled and tested before being packed and shipped to our distributors around the world. Through our collaboration with our European CE partners, we have created an organization work plan to ensure a minimum of errors will be able to get through our organization and on to the consumer.

This means that our products will be able to compete with the larger established brands in the market and that consumers will get a perfect and reliable product. Jema Autolifte is aware that safety, user-friendliness and reliability are the 3 most important factors for the consumer to also choose Jema Autolifte the next time they need an autolift.



Jema Autolifte has on many of our Models developed a service system that ensures that when the auto lift needs service inspection, the lift will automatically notify the user to contact Jema Autolifte to perform the necessary steps so the lift is safe, safe and ready for use again. This has been developed so that consumers can be sure that the lift always works according to the regulations and that no one compromises on safety.

Jema Autolifte sees it as the most important task not only to sell car lifts, but to provide consumers with a well-functioning and safe product so that the consumer can focus on doing his job.

Danish Design - European CE approvals - Sold worldwide!

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