Euro line - Full automatic, camera and laser pointer!
  • 22" PRO touch screen
  • Airpressure quicknut
  • LOT-System (Laser On Top)
  • To the professional car workshop


When quality becomes extreme!

The wheel balancer DWC-11-E is a extreme top quality balancer with all the necessary help functions that make it easy and fast to balance!

The fantastic choice for you as a user!

The wheel balancer DWC-11-E is equipped with a patented system with automatic wheel parameters IN-PUT based on the camera in the tower.

The wheel balancer DWC-11-E has LOT-System (Laser On Top) is an ultra-modern wheel balancer with even more accurate indication of the location of the wheel balancing blocks.

The DWC-11-E is equipped with an air pressure quicknut and therefore significantly shortens your wheel assembly time and eliminates the risk of eccentric wheel mounting. The quick nut is controlled by a foot pedal.

The DWC-11-E is equipped with a printer so that you as a user can show the customer the result of the balancing to the customer.

DWC-11-E is produced in Europe and of course CE approved

DWC-11-E Features:

  • Automatic protection screen
  • LOT-System (shaft for weight positions "12 o'clock")
  • Air pressure quick release
  • Brake in imbalance position
  • Calibration menu
  • Voice synthesizer
  • Laser adjustment
  • Alu programs
  • Automatic positioning lock
  • Measurement of contactless wheel parameters
  • Optimization menu
  • USG rim width measurement
  • Program 3P - "hidden weight"
  • Touch LED screen
  • Printer
  • Operator memory
  • Measurement of automatic diameter, width and offset
  • Imbalance recalculated


Wheel balancer DWC-11-E Brochure


Tecnical specifications

  • Electric connection: 220V
  • Engine power: 80W
  • Max. tyre diameter: 45"
  • Precision: + / - 0,9 gr.
  • Rim width: 2" - 15"
  • Rim diameter: 10 - 30"
  • Max. wheel weight: 70kg.
  • CE approved
  • Color: Grey
  • Total weight: 150kg

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