Portable induction heater 1200W

Jema Autolifte has now been negotiated by ID Tools' completely unique induction heater JA1051IH.

JA1051 is a completely revolutionary new tool for your workshop.

JA1051IH is a portable induction tool that removes bolts, nuts and more.

JA1051IH was developed in the Netherlands, and is thus a 100% Dutch product.

JA1051 has a patented clamping mechanism. Due to the push-button system, the connection between the coil and the part will have optimal contact and thereby avoid excessive heat generation in the clamping connection.

JA1051 is an easy and useful tool that can be used quickly without any kind of preparation.

Technical data:
Volt: 230 VAC
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Output: 1200W
Total weight: 1.4Kg