Euro line - European produced testlane!
  • Test of breaks
  • Test of sjock absorbers
  • Test of alignment
  • For the semi professional or professional car workshop


Pioneering brake, shock absorber and alignment testlane

Jema Autolifte has the pleasure of offering you a groundbreaking product thoroughly tested for 3 years - Jema testlane JA9500BT has been tested and produced in Europe! With the JA9500BT-E you as a user can in just 30 sec. test vehicle brakes, shock absorbers and alignment conditions!

Best possible service for the client.

With the JA9500BT-E, your workshop can, when registering the customer's car, together with the customer do the test, so that the customer can see for themselves if any defects or corrections the car should have repaired during service at your workshop.

After the test has been performed, you can print a test report with the customer that proves the condition of the brakes, shock absorber and alignment of the car.

Through measurements and tests, it has shown that you as a workshop owner get an average of 18% in additional turnover in the workshop by using JA9500BT-E!

Easy and fast installation. Included in the price are, Computer, the testlane and a 32" flat screen.

Every year there will be an opportunity to update the database (Not included in the recommended retail price) This happens automatically as the computer must have an internet connection.

As your safety is important to us, the lift is of course CE approved.


Tecnical specifications

  • Electric connection: 220V
  • Total length: 2930mm
  • Ramp height: 40mm
  • Width: 2080mm
  • CE approved
  • Color: Grey
  • Max. loading capacity: 3500kg
  • Total weight: 600kg