Euro line - European runway scissor lift!
  • Lifting capacity 5.5T
  • European produced
  • Lifting height up to 188cm
  • For quality-conscious professional workshop


European runways scissor lift!

The scissor lift JA9000S-E is a European quality runway scissor lift with extra scissor lifts in the platform, ready for alignment (Turntables are optional accessories)

The scissor lift JA9000S-E is designed for the semi professional and professional workshops

Alignment runway scissor lift

This scissor lift is for the workshop that wants the highest quality product in its class.

The JA9000S-E Euro line runway scissor lift can be mounted on the floor or immersed in the floor.

 This product is 100% produced in Europe, with a very high finish giving it a very aesthetically pleasing look to your workshop. 
The scissor lift easily glides up to a maximum height of 188 cm and a SWL of 5.5T.

The scissor lift is only 22 cm high when it is completely down, which means that it takes all kinds of cars.

The scissor lift JA9000S-E is connected to 380V and is ready for alignment, which means that you as a user are 100% covered for any task your workshop requires.

The scissor lift is CE approved as your safety is paramount us.

Tecnical specifications

  • Electric connection: 380V
  • Motor power: 3KW
  • Max. lifting height: 1880mm
  • Total width: 2208mm
  • Min. height: 220mm
  • Length incl. access ramps: 6630mm
  • Length excl. access ramps: 5030mm
  • Length of scissor in runways: 1450mm
  • Safety valve
  • CE approved
  • Colour: Grey
  • Max lifting capacity: 5500kg
  • Scissor on platform max lifting capacity: 3500 kg.
  • Total weight: 2500kg

CE Certificates