Euro line - With tilting tower and 2 auxiliary arms!
  • Takes up to 26"
  • 380V electric connection
  • Produced from the best components
  • Tyre pressure gauge


The exclusive choice for your car repair shop

The tyre changer DWB-10-E is a fantastic European-produced tyre chnager with 2 auxiliary arms that takes wheels up to 26"and makes working with run-flat tires a breeze.

The quality-conscious choice

The tyre changer DWB-10-E is for you who want the best possible tyre changer in its class, it simply does not get better. The tyre changer has a tilting tower so it is easy and quick to mount the wheel on the turntable. DWB-10-E is produced from the best components and also has 2 pcs. extremely usable auxiliary arms, fixed tire pressure gauge.

The tyre changer´s  internal clampings are 13-26 ”and the external clampings are 10-23” so you as a user will never experience problems with oversized rims and run-flat tires, or smaller wheels a normal tyre changer cannot handle.

It is also possible to purchase motorcycle adapters for your motorcycle and plastic mounting head so that you do not scratch the rims.

Our tyre changer is of course CE approved, as your safety means something to us!


Tecnical specifications

  • Electric connection: 380V
  • Engine power: 0,75KW
  • Internal clamping: 13-26"
  • External clamping: 10-23"
  • Max wheel width: 15"
  • Max wheel diameter: 42"
  • Airpressure: 8-10bar
  • Total weight: 300kg
  • CE approved