Basic line - The cheapest wheel balancer on the market!
  • Balancing of steel and Alu rims
  • 4 different size cones
  • 4 various aluminum programs
  • For the hobby workshop or semi professionals


Perfect for the hobby workshop

The wheel balancer DWC is suitable for the hobby workshop or the smaller car workshop.

The affordable and excellent choice!

The wheel balancer is easy to operate and it is easy and quick to switch between the various balancing menus. DWC can balance both steel and alloy wheels, and comes with a safety guard, hammer / pliers and 4 different cones which you can easily change to fit the wheel size.

The safetyhood ensures that you as a user can safely and securely balance the wheels.

Possibility of purchasing a motorcycle kit

The wheel balancer is of course CE approved as we think about your safety.

Balancing steel rims

Balansing alloy wheels


Tecnical specifications

  • Electric connection: 220V
  • Engine power: 0.2 - 0.37KW
  • Max. tyre diamater: 45"
  • Precision: + / - 1 gr.
  • Rim width: 1.5 - 20"
  • Rim diameter: 10 - 24"
  • Max. wheel weight: 65kg.
  • CE approved
  • Colour: Grey
  • Total weight: 104kg

CE Certificates