Jema Autolifte 2T motor crane - Foldable

Engine crane JA1060EC is a 2 ton hydraulic engine crane that can also be folded when not in use and placed over to the side in the car workshop.

The engine crane is an ideal choice for lifting e.g. engines out of vehicles, as well as moving heavy objects.

The engine crane has a telescopic lifting arm that can be adjusted in four different settings depending on the need. The telescopic lifting arm can be adjusted from 80mm to 610mm. The JA1060EC engine crane has 4 swivel wheels and 2 wheels in the front, which makes it easy and fast to move the engine crane around. The engine crane equipped with a special "foot" that ensures that the crane can stand upright without the need to lean against a wall or other.

The engine crane is equipped with overload protection for your safety. The lifting hook is adjustable in four positions.

The engine crane is of course CE approved, as Jema Autolifte thinks about your safety.

Dimensions function ready: 1750 x 1060 x 1460 mm
Dimensions folded together: 800 x 680 x 1600 mm
Maximum capacity 2 tons
Max. capacity at setting 1 (80 mm): 2 Ton.
Max. capacity at setting 2 (255 mm): 1½ Ton.
Max. capacity at setting 3 (425 mm): 1 Ton.
Max. capacity at setting 4 (610 mm): ½ Ton.

* CE approved
* Hand operated
* High quality
* 100% factory inspection