20 Ton Hydraulic workshop press

JA1100PR is a 20T workshop press that is used by both the Danish and international car workshops, as well as other users who need a quality workshop press that can easily and quickly workshop press an item in or out.

The workshop press JA1100PR is with a manual hand pump, so it is easy to control when you as a user have to press bearings or other things into place.


Before you get started

Before using this product, vent the pump on the workshop press, this is done by opening the release valve by turning it counterclockwise. Pump several full strokes to remove any air in the system. Always remember to read the safety instructions before you start using your JA1100PR workshop press.


How to use the workshop press

When using the workshop press as a user, place the press block on the frame of the workshop press, then place the workpiece on the press block, close the release valve by turning it clockwise until it is tight and completely closed, then pump on the handle to create pressure start pushing on the topic that you want. When the work is done, stop pumping the handle, slowly and carefully remove the load from the workpiece by turning the release valve counterclockwise at small intervals.
It is important that the workshop press is stored when not in use, in a dry place with the piston fully retracted, in the starting position, this is done to make sure that no dirt or other foreign objects get on the piston if there is no proper pressure. when using your workshop press you can advantageously try to vent the hydraulic system.


Check the hydraulic oil annually, by removing the oil filler nut on top of the reservoir. If the oil is not sufficient, refill the high-quality hydraulic jack oil as needed and then change the oil filler nut, venting the workshop press before using it again.

Jema Autolifte has as far as possible done what is possible to ensure your safety when using the workshop press JA1100PR, but you as a user must also remember to use your common sense when using the workshop press as there is extremely great pressure on the piston and the pressed part, this can make you as a user may be injured while using the workshop press. No warning is better than your good judgment, so make sure it's the first thing you bring to any job.


Good tips and advice

In addition, there are some obvious tips you should keep in mind when using your workshop press. Steel and other materials can be crushed, so always wear safety goggles, if you discover anything that may indicate imminent failure of your workshop press, stop using the workshop press immediately and inspect it thoroughly. If the workshop press is to be used on large or unstable objects, be sure to mount the workshop press firmly to the floor.


It is important to use qualified personnel to keep the workshop press in good condition. Remember to keep it clean for the best and safest performance. At the same time, it is important that you as a user do not exceed the maximum nominal capacity of your workshop press.

As with all our other products, the Jema Autolifte workshop press is of course CE approved as we step up in your safety!


Model: JA1100PR

Capacity: 20 Ton
Stroke length: 185 mm
Work Range: 0-910 mm
N.W. : 86 kgs
G.W. : 88 kgs

* CE approval
* Hand operated
* High quality
* 100% factory inspection