Tool cabinet

When you as a customer/user check the market and have to choose your tool cabinet, the choice of tool cabinet is an important choice not only because it can be a major investment but also because it is not only for storing tools but simply an important part of your workstation you can bring around the workshop. Your tool cabinet must therefore suit your needs and the work you perform.

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Tool cabinet (JA1001TC)

Tool cabinet with 5 drawers with ball bearings!

Tool cabinet incl. 177 pcs. Tools (JA1004TC)

Tool cabinet incl. 177 pcs. Tools - 7 drawers

There are many different tool cabinets on the UK market, some tool cabinets are delivered with tools and other tool cabinets without tools. At the same time, the actual quality of the tool cabinets you look at is also very different, therefore you as a customer must assess what the need and desire is for the choice you make in relation to your tool cabinet. In many cases, as a user, you also need space for the tool you are using or spare parts to be replaced on the car you are working on. The wheels on your tool cabinet can also have a big impact on how satisfied you end up being with your purchase, as you walk around the car and service the things to be done on the car, your tool cabinet should effortlessly be your companion that you can move with around without the big challenges. If you as a user choose the wrong tool cabinet, it can make you spend more time on your work, and provide an annoyance that is not necessary. You can finally choose to buy your tool cabinet by contacting one of our consultants, or by our brand new webshop. For the most part, our tool cabinets are in stock and therefore we can offer week to week delivery.


Quality tool cabinets with a tools

We can offer a tool cabinet incl. tool, namely Tool cabinet JA1004TC which is a quality tool cabinet made of really good materials and with storage space on top. At the same time, there is also a holder on the side for spray cans, so when you use the tool cabinet for servicing cars, you have the opportunity to have all the necessary things with you without having to go around more than is absolutely necessary. Tool cabinet JA1004TC has as many as 177 pcs. tools: Wrench set, 1/2 "socket wrench set, 1/4" socket wrench set, torx screwdriver set, star screwdriver set, straight notch screwdriver set, various pliers, and hammer. All tools are in specially designed foam, which provides a good and quick overview of your tool and at the same time your tool will always be stuck in the drawers on your tool cabinet. Both the tool cabinet and the tool are in really good quality and cover most of the tools you use in your daily work in the workshop, so this tool cabinet gives you what you need. At the end of your tool cabinet, there are ergonomic handles, with rubber covers that give a good grip in your tool cart.

Before choosing the tool in the tool cabinet, we have made a major customer survey among our database that has been built up for now 13 years on the European market, to find out what kind of tool our customers will prefer to have in their tool cabinet and therefore the selection selected according to our customers' wishes. The tool cabinet also has a lock with a key, so you as a user can lock your tool cart when you are not at the tool cart.

All our tool cabinets are powder-coated and are therefore of a quality that suits the environment a car workshop provides in relation to dirt and grime. Your opinion is always important to us, and we hope that the range of tools in our tool cabinet will also suit you. Of course, you also have the option of choosing the slightly cheaper tool cabinet if you do not want or lack tools for your car workshop. Both types of tool cabinets are delivered in Jema Autolifte's colors: blue and black, so they will match the other Jema Autolifte products you may have in your car workshop. Jema Autolifte has delivered our JA1004TC from large branded workshops, large chain workshops, to the private user who wants quality and a workshop cabinet with well-thought-out tools!

If you have questions about our tool cabinets or wants a chat with one of sales representatives before you choose your tool cabinet, you are very welcome to contact us, we have more than 13 years of experience as a supplier within car lifts, tyre changers, wheel balancers and workshop equipment, where i.a. We offer the tool cabinets as we have described above. Jema Autolifte always tries as far as possible to be available to you as a customer, so you can follow yourself safely by using Jema Autolifte as your total supplier for your car workshop.