Transmission jack - Capacity 0,5T

Transmission jack JA1070GB is a product we have had in our range now for more than 10 years. The transmission jack is a quality transmission jack that gives you a really good working tool for removing or installing gearboxes. The transmission jack has a maximum capacity of 0.5T, which means that it can handle lifting of most gearboxes on the market.

The JA1070GB transmission jack is operated via a foot pump when lifting and a rotary lever when lowering. Both functions are easy and quick to operate while you may be standing with a gearbox on the transmission jack.

The transmission jack also has four swivel wheels that make it easy to move or move to the desired position during work. The JA1070GB transmission jack has a minimum height of 1135mm and a maximum lift height of 1950mm, which is a slightly better lifting height than many other transmission jacks on the market.

The transmission jack is delivered in the easily recognizable Jema Autolifte blue and black color. The transmission jack is of course powder coated so it stays in a nice and tidy condition.

As with all other products, our transmission jack JA1070GB is of course CE approved, as Jema Autolifte thinks about your safety.


Model: JA1070GB
Capacity: 0,5 T
Min. Height: 1135 mm
Max. Hight: 1950 mm
N.W. : 31 kgs
G.W. : 35 kgs

* CE-approved
* Hand operated
* High quality
* 100% factory inspection