Basic line - Full automatic and quickarms!
  • Full automatic safety locks
  • Clear floor
  • Quickarm system
  • Lifting height up to 191 cm
  • For the professional workshop


A fantastic 2-post "Clear floor" lift

The new 2 Post "Clear floor" lift JA4200T-CF is for the professional workshop or the private user who repairs a lot of different cars.

Full automatic and safe

This 2-post hydraulic lift is of a very high quality and is for the workshop that does not want to skimp on quality.

The lift is fully automatic, everything is easily controlled from the control box, the maximum height of 191cm is quickly and quietly achieved with a load rating of 4.2T.

JA4200T-CF has the famous quick arms, which "click" easily into place with adjustable lift pads which makes it a breeze when you have taller cars.

The JA4200T-CF is a super easy lift to operate, which can be used by both the semi-professional user as well as the workshop that has a high traffic flow per day.

The lift uses 10 L hydraulic oil which must be purchased, otherwise all other accessories are included as standard such as the quick arms system & height adapters.

This lift is CE approved as your safety is paramount us.


Advantages of our 2-post Basic line car lifts:

✅ Thicker steel in the posts

✅ Thicker steel in both outer and inner arms

✅ Thicker steel in our lifting carriages

✅ Longer range on our arms

✅ Larger base plate

✅ Larger lifting platforms

✅ Aluminum motors instead of cheaper steel motors

✅ Solid rubber protection on the arms

✅ Emergency lowering, just in case

✅ Oversized hydraulic cylinders

✅ Larger distance between the posts


Tecnical specifications

  • Electric connection: 380V
  • Motor power: 2.2KW
  • Rise time: 50sec.
  • Lowering time: 40sec.
  • Max lifting height: 1880-1918mm
  • Total wide: 3381mm
  • Internal wide: 2820mm
  • Total height: 3924mm
  • Full automatic safety lock
  • Safety valve
  • CE approved
  • Colour: Grey and black
  • Max lifting capacity: 4200kg
  • Total weight: 750kg

CE Certificates

  • CE Certificate 1