Euro line - Full automatic and laser pointer!
  • ASUS 19,7" LCD-screen
  • Automatic positioning lock
  • 4 various aluminum programs
  • To the professional car workshop


The quality is absolutely top!

The wheel balancer DWC-10-E is simply a quality balancer with all the necessary auxiliary functions that make it easy and fast to balance!

The choice for the discerning and quality-conscious user!

The DWC-10-E is a fully automatic wheel balancer for cars and vans, which via the laser pointer helps you as a user to quickly program the device according to the wheel data.

The DWC-10-E has a lot of features that make your work easy and make sure things go a bit faster than with the manual devices on the market, for example, the DWC-10-E has Automatic positioning lock, laser adjustment, ultrasonic non-contact width gauge, voice synthesizer ALU programs, 2 ALU programs for motorcycles program "hidden weight", optimization function.

The DWC-10-E has a quality 40 ”strong shaft, and a strong and user-friendly touch panel to navigate around the various options and menus.

The balancing device DWC-10-E is produced in Europe and is of course CE approved.

Balancing steel rim

Balancing alloy wheels

Calibration video of wheel balancer DWC-10-E


Tecnical specifications

  • Electric connection: 220V
  • Engine power: 0.2 - 0.37KW
  • Max. tyre diameter: 45"
  • Precision: + / - 1 gr.
  • Rim width: 2" - 15"
  • Rim diamater: 10 - 30"
  • Max. wheel weight: 70kg.
  • CE approved
  • Color: Grey
  • Total weight: 120kg

CE Certificates