Basic line - The affordable choice
  • Jacking beam for JA4000FP
  • Manual safety locks
  • Easy and solid operation
  • Max lifting capacity 1.6T


User-friendly jack!

The jacking beam JA1600J-AIR can only be used for our Basic line 4 post lift JA4000FP!

Strong and fantastic price.

The jacking beam JA1600J-OIL can only be used on our 4 post parking lift JA4000FP. The jacking beam is for you who are looking for a price-friendly jack for your 4 post lift, The jacking beam is operated via the motor for the car lift.

JA1600J-OIL is easy and fast to operate and has a maximum lifting capacity of 1600 kg.

The lifting platforms are easily and quickly adjusted as needed, so it is easier to hit the lifting points on the car.

The Jema Autolifte jacking beam has a safety lock to ensure that safety is paramount, so you can work without having to worry about safety!

The jacking beam is of course CE approved as we think about your safety.

Tecnical specifications

  • Rise time: 10sek
  • Lowering time: 10sek
  • Max lifting height: 380mm
  • Max/Min. width: 770-1180mm
  • Min. height: 190mm 
  • Manual safety lock
  • Safety valve
  • CE approved
  • Color : Grey
  • Max lifting capacity: 1600kg
  • Total weight: 75kg

CE Certificates