Basic line - Europe's cheapest mobile service scissor lift!
  • Lifting capacity 2.8T
  • Mobile kit incl. in the price
  • Lifting height up to 120 cm
  • For the private or semi-professional user


A fantastic priced auto lift!

The scissor lift JA2.8Mini model 2021 is a really user-friendly and Europe´s cheapest service scissor lift on the market, which is the obvious solution for the private user or preparation / tyre changing workshop.

Mobile and user friendly

The scissor lift that makes your life easier in the garage, get away from working on the floor with a jack and axle stands

The JA2.8 Mini scissor lift takes up minimal space in the workshop, and despite its minimal size, still lifts cars up to 2.8T, and lifts to a working height of 120cm.

The scissor lift is mobile and the mobile kit is included in the price.

Being mobile means you have the freedom to take the car lift outside in good weather, or if the needed to move it around the workshop floor.

We know that  with so many different vehicles on the road that the mounting points are all at different heights, we have included in the price 2 different types of rubber pads / height adaptors which make it easier and safer to load the lift. 

JA2.8Mini is easily mounted to a 220V socket, and only requires10L oil to operate.

The scissor lift is CE approved as your safety is paramount us.


Advantages of the JA2.8Mini scissor lift:

  • Lifting capacity: JA2.8Mini has 2800 kg. Our competitors has only a lifting capacity of 2700 kg. That maybe do not sound much, but it gives you another 100 kg lifting capacity – All Jema Autoliftes lifts gives the user the security and has been strength tested 150% static and 115% dynamic.
  • JA2.8Mini has arm locks, which makes sure the arms cannot move when the car is placed on the lift.
  • We have designed our own engine stand and mobile kit for JA2.8Mini, which makes it easier to move the lift around compared to our competitors.
  • We use thicker steel pipes on JA2.8Mini. Our thickness is 8 mm, where others only use 5 or 6 mm. We use 8 mm because we care about you as a user of the mobile scissor lift.
  • To make sure you have an easy and safe lowering of the service scissor lift, we have designed some lowering springs so the scissor lift is lowering slowly without sound, this feature is unique for JA2.8Mini.
  • JA2.8Mini has a safety valve inside the oil hoses, which ensures that the scissor lift cannot just fall if an oil hose should leak or break, this is for sure a feature not all manufactures do provide.
  • The scissor lift itself has of course European CE approval, incl. the arm locks.
  • We only use Aluminum engines where a lot of similar scissor lifts on the market use cheaper steel engines.


Tecnical specifications

  • Electric connection: 220V
  • Motor power: 2.2KW
  • Rise time: 30sek
  • Lowering time: 20sek
  • Max. lifting height: 1200mm
  • Total width: 1011mm
  • Mini. height: 135mm
  • Total length: 1515mm
  • Safety valve
  • CE approved
  • Colour: Grey and black
  • Max. lifting capacity: 2800kg
  • Total weight: 450kg

CE Certificates