Waste oil drainer 65L

The waste oil drainer JA1040OD is a quality waste oil drainer. The waste oil drainer has a capacity of 65L which makes it one of the best in its class. The waste oil drainer JA1040OD must have 8 to 10 bars when it needs to be emptied, this is what most compressors can supply. The drainage hose has a diameter of 1.4mm and a length of 1.5m.

When you drain the oil from the car, the oil temperature must not exceed 80 degrees. The collection bowl has a fantastic capacity of 20L and a diameter of up to 420mm - if you want a larger collection bowl, you can buy our JA1039OD.

The waste oil drainer has two larger plastic wheels and two swivel wheels, so it is easy and quick to move around the car workshop, as needed.

The waste oil drainer JA1040OD is delivered in the easily recognizable blue Jema Autolifte color. The waste oil drainer is powder coated.

The waste oil drainer is of course CE approved like all other products from Jema Autolifte.


* Tank capacity: 65L
* Air inlet pressure (BAR / PSI): 8-10 / 114-145
* Air intake connection (INCH): 1/4 ''
* Air pressure oil leak (BAR / PSI): 0.7-1 / 10-14
* Oil temperature: 40-80 degrees
* Suction speed probe dia.8 & oil 60 degrees (liters / m): 6.5
* Drainage hose (Dia / Length.): 1.4x1.5M
* Collection bowl capacity: 20L * Collection bowl diameter (mm): 420
* Max. height (mm): 1680 * Mini. height (mm): 1100
* Accessories funnel diameter (mm): 570 * N.W / G.W (KGS) :. 20/22
* Dimension (mm): 495x420x890