Basic line - Semi automatic wheel balancer!
  • Balancing steel and alloy wheels
  • 4 different cones
  • 4 different alloy programs
  • For the small or half-sized car workshop


Perfect for the smaller / semi large workshop

Wheel balancer DWC-2 is suitable for the small or semi-large car workshop.

A good semi-automatic device for the price!

The wheel balancer is semi-automatic and easy to operate. The DWC-2 is easy and quick to switch between the various balancing menus. DWC-2 can balance both steel and alloy wheels, and comes with a safety guard, hammer / pliers and 4 different cones that you can easily change to fit the wheel size.

The safety guard ensures that you as a user can safely and securely balance the wheels, without the possibility of coming into contact with the wheel when it rotates.

Possibility of purchasing a motorcycle kit

The balancing device is of course CE approved as we think about your safety.

Balancing steel rims

Balancing alloy wheels


Tecnical specifications

  • Eletric connection: 220V
  • Engine power: 0.2 - 0.37KW
  • Max. tyre diameter: 45"
  • Precision: + / - 1 gr.
  • Rim width: 1.5 - 20"
  • Rim diameter: 10 - 24"
  • Max. wheel weight: 65kg.
  • CE approved
  • Colour: Grey
  • Total weight: 122kg

CE Certificates