Basic line - Danish desiged 4 Post lift
  • 4 point safety lock system
  • Solid and reliable 
  • Lifting height up to 185cm
  • CE approved


Reliable 4 post lift!

The 4 post lift JA5500F is designed by Jema Autolifte and has been in our product range for several years, and therefore has proven its reliability to us

The high lifting capacity

JA5500F is the "big brother" in the basic line series, here you really get the lift that takes even the biggest vans with ease, the platform length is 5461mm, it takes a maximum weight of 5.5T, and lifts fast and safe to the maximum height of 1845mm.
The JA5500F can be purchased with a 2T jacking beam that makes it easy to lift the car off the platforms.

The lift is easily controlled from the user-friendly control box which is fully automatic, and is easily placed into the safety locks with the "safety lock" button.

The JA5500F is the safe choice for you who want the car lift that takes all standard cars, as well as large vans, a perfect lift that meets today's challenges in the workshop.

Access ramps can be purchased so that it can be used as a drive through lift.

This lift requires 380V and it uses 10L hydraulic oil ISO 32.

This lift is CE approved as your safety is paramount us.


Advantages of JA5500F compared to similar models on the market:

  • We have chosen to use a higher steel thickness to create an even safer product - the steel thickness of our runways is 6 mm on the JA5500F. A lot of the similar lifts on the market use only 5mm on their 5T lifts.
  • Total weight of our JA5500F (without jacking beam) is 1550 kg. The total weight of the competitors is typically only around 1300 kg.
  • The runways on our model JA5500F has a length of as much as 5461 mm - which gives a much better opportunity to be able to lift even the longer vans. Our competitors typically only have a runway length of 5000mm on their 4 post car lifts with a lifting capacity of 5 tons.
  • JA5500F has a runway width of 620 mm, which makes it possible to take the vast majority of vehicles. Many of our competitors only have a width of max. 505 mm.
  • When doing the CE certification, the lift is subjected to a static load of 150%, and a dynamic load of 115%, the JA5500F has a deviation of only a maximum of 2 cm, while other similar 4 post car lifts on the market have a deviation of up to 5 cm.
  • The assistant runway is adjustable in/out as needed, which makes it possible to lift both narrow and wide vehicles.
  • We use 6 mm steel beam for our crossbar, while many of our competitors use H-steel beam without cover on the outside, which leaves the lifting wire and electrical wires unprotected from dust, grease, wind and weather.
  • We use electronic locking system, while many others use air locking system. It is therefore not necessary to have air installation.
  • We use larger control boxes with 400VA transformers, which gives a longer life of the electrical components, and a more manageable control panel. Many of our competitors use only 100VA transformers.
  • Our 4-post car lift has protection against a loose steel cable. For safety reasons, if the steel cable is loose, the car lift will not work. In addition, we have two mechanical locks in each post, where one is the main lock and the other acts as a backup lock.
  • We only use aluminum motors and not cheaper steel motors as many of our competitors do - this ensures you a more durable motor with a longer service life.
  • We have designed our own plastic tops, plastic protection covering the safety locks, plastic sliders in the posts and many other things to protect our car lifts as best as possible - this is not common for many other of our competitors.




Tecnical specifications

  • Electric connection: 380V
  • Motor power: 2.2KW
  • Rise time: 55sec.
  • Lowering time: 45sec.
  • Max. lifting height: 1845mm
  • Post height: 2216mm
  • Total height: 2467,5mm
  • Total length: 6438mm
  • Runway length: 5461mm
  • Width between posts: 2850mm
  • Total width: 3310mm
  • Ramp height: 180mm
  • Automatic safety locks
  • Safety valve
  • CE approved
  • Colour: Grey and black
  • Max. lifting capacity: 5500kg
  • Total weight: 1550kg

CE Certificates