Euro line - "Heavy duty"Van and truck autolift!
  • Lifting capacity 12T
  • Safety locks in all 4 posts
  • Lifting height up to 166cm
  • To the professional workshop
  • (16T, 18T and 25T options Available for quotation on request)


Fantastic European-produced car lift

The 4 post lift JA12000F-E is the perfect solution for the professional van / HGV workshop that wants to have the highest quality of equipment in the workshop.

Jema autolifte can also Quote on 16T, 18T and 25T  4-post lifts with up to 9000mm platforms for the HGV work shop, please contact us for the most competitive quote with delivery direct to your door. 

Safe and sound

JA12000F-E is produced in Europe and the latest technologies have been used to provide a fast, strong and reliable 4 Post lift with a fantastic paint finish. 

JA12000F-E has been designed for the large vehicle and a Jema autolifte  jacking beam can be mounted between the platforms (JA8000J-E).

JA12000F-E has a Max. lifting height of 1660 mm, a total platform length of 6300mm and a SWL of 12T. Simply one of the best 4 post lifts on the market today, so you as a user can work safely, quickly and easily!

This lift is CE approved as your safety is paramount us

Tecnical specifications

  • Electric connection: 380V
  • Motor power: 3KW
  • Rise time: 65sec,
  • Lowering time: 55sec.
  • Max. lifting height: 1660mm
  • Total wide: 3735mm
  • Runway length: 6300mm
  • Total length: 7150mm
  • Width between posts: 3135mm
  • Post height: 2155mm
  • Total height: 2465mm
  • Automatic safety locks
  • Safety valve
  • CE approved
  • Colour: Grey
  • Max. lifting capacity: 12000kg
  • Total weight: 2500kg

CE Certificates