Car wheel dolly - Capacity 680 kg. More info...

Jema Autolifte 1 pcs. wheel dolly

Wheel Dolly (JA1021CT) is easy and fast to use. It is already assembled and ready for use upon delivery. The wheel dolly is simply placed on each side of the wheel, after which you pump on the foot pedal, which then lifts the wheel dolly up so that the car's wheels are lifted off the ground and you can then push the car around as needed.

Wheel Dolly (JA1021CT) is hydraulic and therefore no maintenance, and is simply easy to use.

The wheel dolly is made of a manual hydraulic pump with a piston that ensures that the wheel dolly frame retracts around the wheel of the car. When this happens, the wheel of the car is lifted and therefore the wheels on the wheel dolly will now be the car contact point to the floor, and since the wheel dolly has swivel wheels on, the car can be easily and quickly pushed.

The wheel dolly is of course CE approved like everything else Jema Autolifte sells, as your safety is important to us.


Model: JA1021CT
Capacity: 680 kg
N.W. : 18 kg (Pr. Set)
G.W. : 20 kg (Pr. Set)

* Foot operated
* High quality
* 100% factory inspection